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Welcome to Wangtakor Municipality

I visit the South Gate Coffee prince then Sai great banana fingernails. Known nests.

    Chumphon have appeared since the year 1098, with the world as a city of twelve zodiac goat use was enacted city And an outpost of the north. Because the upper part of the year 1997 in the reign of King Trailokkanat. The law was enacted that Chumphon is a town in the south of the Ayutthaya kingdom's in it for 5 Ratchada ordered the establishment of the London County following the collapse of the regime. County as a county system. Chumphon is as a province.

   Wang was a young market Wangtako later moved to the current position is the market Doe Lang. The temple around the river bend. Whirlpool water flowing into the league and the bank has a large oak tree, so I called up one Wangtako. As long as today.

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