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Responsible for finance and accounting, supplies and property, benefits, Tax incentives and other related work or as assigned following;

- Finance and Accounting.

- Research and development revenue collection.

- Registration materials and property.


1.Financial and Accounting.

Responsible for monitoring the disbursement of all, prepare budget control register, check the preparation and filing of payment, the evidence warrants the payment of expenses, accounting and registration, prepare daily, monthly, yearly report. Other related or assigned.

2.Storage and development revenue.

Responsible for copying a land layout, land tax and update the map, adjust a local TAX, surveyors, code of local land, preparation a report to present an asset division. Other related or assigned.  

3.Parcel registrations and property.

Responsible for the purchasing and outsourcing, repair and maintenance of property, asset registrations, audit parcel in – out, asset expose. Other related or assigned.

Property TAX
Property TAX will collect by
1.House and land, which is together.
2.Other building on the land.
Housing including home, stores, corporate offices, banks, hotels, hospitals, schools, apartment, flat or condo, stadium etc.
Other buildings including ports, bridges, reservoirs, oil tanks, beam aboard, structurally land permanently.
Land of housing and buildings or other constructions, including land of housing, other buildings that contiguous area. The liable to taxation is owner of the property. 
Payment of property tax.
The filing to taxpayers. The assessment (owner) a must to present income TAX form (ภ.ร.ด.2) within February 28th, each year.
Evidence to be presented.
1.Receipt for property tax last years.
2.Summaries detail of building in the municipality.
3.List of land of each plot.
4.Identity card.
Assessment of property tax.
Treasurer is an assessment of the yearly annual value is the amount for which the property can be rented in any one year.
Property tax rate.
The assessment will be taxed at the rate of 5.12 percent annually.
The assessments (property owners) have been statements to assess the tax (ภ.ร.ด. 8) are required to pay tax at the revenue Division within 30 days from the date of notification.
Filing appeals.
If the assessed valuation tax discontent prompted to assess the tax. To file a petition for Consider property tax assessment within 15 days from the date of receipt of the assessment report.
Payment of tax within the prescribed time.
If the assessor does not pay the tax within the time prescribed. Have to pay the extra following.
1.Overdue one month from the date of the expiration of the period prescribed follow the law. Must pay 2.5 percent of the unpaid tax.
2.If over than 1 month but not more than 2 months will have to pay a surcharge of 5 percent of the unpaid tax.
3.If over than 2 months but less than 3 months are required to pay a surcharge of 7.5 percent on the unpaid tax.
4.If over than 3 months but not more than 4 months must pay 10 percent of the unpaid tax.
A person who does not registration statement within the taxable. Shall be liable to a fine not exceeding 200 baht.
Local maintenance tax.
Local maintenance tax will be collected from the lands, including land area is mountainous with water.
How to pay local taxes?
The property owners have to pay tax. Filing for taxpayers (ภ.บ.ท. 5) at revenue development division, Wangtako Municipality. Each 4 years.
If a person new owning land or the land had changed to the original landowners filed a registration statement within 30 days from the date the property has changed.
TAX Payment.
Before April 30th, each year, Taxpayer must to pay local taxes.
TAX Payment delay.
     In case taxpayer has not filed within the time prescribed. Taxpayer must pay charged of TAX 10 percent of unpaid TAX value.  
     In case taxpayer has not pay within the time prescribed. Taxpayer must pay charged of TAX 2 percent of unpaid TAX value per month.  
An individual who own the land, or has a lands of Wangtako Municipality have house and animal farm or any agriculture growing can be extenuation of local TAX 1 rai. 
Billboards TAX.
     The billboards TAX, means a brand name or trade mark for a trade or marketing to commercial advertising.
Billboards TAX.
The submission for the billboards tax.
     - The billboards owner will be submission (ภ.ป.1) within March 31th each year.
     - In case of new billboards installs will be submission (ภ.ป.1) within 15 days after installed.
Billboards TAX payment.
     The billboard type 1 meaning, only Thai front will be calculated 30 bath per 500 square centimeter.
     The billboard type 2 meaning, mix of Thai and foreign front will be calculated 20 bath per 500 square centimeter.
     The billboard type 3 meaning, 
(A) Does not have Thai front or picture, trade mark or
(B) Have Thai front but less than foreign front    
     Will be calculated 40 bath per 500 square centimeter.
     In case billboards area less than 200 bath of Taxation will be total at least Taxation 200 bath.   
Billboards TAX Payment delay.
     - The billboards owner not submission within the time prescribed will be charged 10% of TAX.
     - The billboards owner not payment within the time prescribed will be charged 2% of TAX.
Treasury Division Staff.
1.  Mrs.Chanida  Chumchit,  Division Director
2.  Mrs Chonticha  Aemchom,  Scholars of revenue collection.
3.  Mrs.Wassana  Jeenjew, Scholars of financial and accounting.
4.  Ms.Kanokkarn Heedchana, Assistant of financial and accounting.
5.  Mr.Pisut  Sukwisut, Assistant of  revenue collection.