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Technician Division

Responsible for civil, electricity and utilities. Other related or assigned. Included;

- Civil

- Engineering

-Town plan

Control and responsibility about Civil, Engineering and Town plan following;


Responsible for Construction, roads, bridges, dams, pavement, and other buildings. Project Planning and Control of Construction. Maintenance buildings, roads, bridges, dams, pavement, buildings, electrical control the streets. Improve and protect the environment is toxic. Construction consult, civil work, control, estimation. Maintenance and other tasks. Related or assigned.


 Responsible for engineering design, calculations, project planning and construction engineering, consulting and services related to engineering, audit plan, allowing the engineering building, the report details the engineering design, the estimated construction cost engineering, construction work in the field of engineering and other work. Related or assigns.

3.Town plan

Responsible for prepare a comprehensive plan, preparation of a specific plan., development and improvement of slums, control lines the road, public lands, survey, information on the country chart, conservation of land, water, environmental monitoring, urban planning projects., consultation planning, environmental consulting, control, follow the comprehensive plan, analysis research planning, analysis of environmental research, expropriation and land acquisition. Other related or assigned.


Technician Division 

1.  Mr.Anusorn  Yodsuda, Technician Director

2.  Mr.Chainarong  Nareewandee, Enineer

3.  Mr.Sittichok  Sornwattana, Civil Technical

4.  Ms.Parussara  Suksiri, Assistant of administrative