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Office of the Municipal Clerk

Office of the Municipal Clerk.

Offices of the Municipal Clerk responsible for government are not defined as a function of any division or other assignments, include;

                        - General.

                        - Plan and Budget.

                        - Legal.

          - Official Division.

                        - Prevention and Mitigation.

                        - Encourage and social welfare.

                        - Encourage Education, religion and culture.

Office of the Municipal Clerk, Is responsible for the general government of the municipality and not defined as a function of any division job. Also, other assignments and intensive practice of a Municipality adhere to the Government policy to be guidelines and action plans as responsible as following;

1.General Management 

Have a responsible for preparation paper work and manage of the service location and accessories, corporate, secretary, council meetings, executives and employees of the municipality, charitable and cooperation auditing. Official documents of the royal insignia, medals for that do Malaga Emperor, an election, prepare and publish announcements of the municipality, complaint service, acknowledge and other assigned.


2.Schedule and Budget.

Have a responsibility to supervise the performance of the functions of Policy Analysis and Planning. The collection, analysis, provides data that need to be used in the planning and evaluation of the plan at all levels of organize, prepare documents for the consideration and planning of municipal division or related organizations, analysis and forecast of growth population and the adequacy of the utilities, analysis and prediction of the income - expenditure of the municipality in the future. The preparation of development plans and compiled, layout of the development of medium term and annual plan, analysis of the project to the appropriate division or organization involved, coordination with the municipal authorities and other division that offer public services in the municipality, action plan and evaluation of the plan, preparing the annual operating division. Know and perform. Do correction statistics and analysis of the budget. The suggestions and counseling on budgeting. Do the preparation of the annual budget of the municipalities, and budget (if any) studies have found evidence of a new municipality or other work related assignments.



Have a responsibility to consider Diagnose problems and considered the draft law, ordinance, rules and regulations of the relevant facts and evidence to prepare legal action against the investigation considered municipal employees and disciplinary action on a complaint or appeal and other tasks, related or assigned.

4.   Official Division.

Have a responsible for the administration of municipal employees, laborers, appointment, rotation, promotion, competitive examination, admission and selection, histories profile, officers and employees, improvement the efficiency of the administration, annual performance evaluation, position and improve the approval rate, personnel development. Consider the salaries of officers and employees. The rewards are special cases, welfare officers and employees. Make task of annual vacation and other leave, related or assigned.


5.Prevention and Mitigation.

Have a responsible for the security of government buildings. Fire prevention and suppression and facilitate public protection and disaster relief, suspension and various other places or assigned.


6.Promotion and social welfare.

Have a responsible for assisting in the project areas to coordinate and cooperate with society.

Division involved in the field of social welfare, consultation, recommended obtaining social welfare, survey research, and social problems of the community. Other related or assigned.


 7.    Encourage Education, religion and culture.

Have service on the religious traditions of art and culture, Non-formal and formal education, sports, recreation, library, training and further education. Create an event for Children and Youth Affairs, Sport and Recreation Religion. Have service on the planning / public relations activities to promote religion, morality, ethics and religion. Encourage of heritage Art and culture Local tradition, encourage of local knowledge, activities encourage local identity. Public relations work to encourage local cultural traditions. Do have evaluation in public relations work, other related or assigned.


Personnel Office of the Secretary.

1. Mr.Paisarn  choysawat  Position Chief Secretary.

2. Ms. Tipawan Musiko  Position   Policy and Planning Analyst.

3. Mr. Supavit  Sukkerd  Position  Personnel

4. Mr. Narong yimSri  Position  Lawyer

5. Mrs. Ratanasiri  Sornsawat  Position Academic study

6. Ms. Walaiporn  yungpolkun Administration Officer position.

7. Ms nongnapas Petchsom The developer community.

8. Sergeant majors  Payungsak   Prompichai  .Official position of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation

9. Mrs. Sukanya Aonsatearn   Position of assistant administrative officer.

10. Mr. Prasert Patchaya  Driver Position pharmaceutical machinery, and light.

11. Mr. Pongsak Maneewan  Drive One staff position.

12. Mr. Suwan  Sangkaew   Janitor position.

13. Ms. Dwongjai  Suriyong  General position.

14. Ms. Pranee Songsamut  Assistant child care teacher.

15. Mrs. Onanong kaewchusamai  The position of assistant child care teacher.

16. Ms.Yaowadee Kladwang   Assistant child care teacher.

17. Mrs.Yawwapron  Wangthong  Assistant child care teacher.